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Model: Pro871C
Pipe & Cable Locator
with Inductive Clamp
- Worth its weight in gold… GS Mulgrave
- Works a treat… WS Home Hill
Model: Pro800D
Hi-Power Wire & Valve Locator

- I use Pro48K every day, its an invaluable irrigation tool... GG Hoppers Crossing
- How did I ever do without it... DS West Perth
Model: Pro48K
Solenoid Activation Kit
- Telstra reports a savings of over $1Million in maintenance cost each year since Eliminator Plus installed … WD, PABX Service
- Telecom Vanuatu finds lightning damage to customer phone systems virtually zero after installation of Eliminator Plus … TH, Manager Customer Telephone Systems
- Many of our customers live in remote areas of Australia with questionable power. Lightning is always part of our 'wet season'. All these problems with our Phone Systems are solved with the Eliminator Plus … TW, Norwescom, Broome
- Eliminator Plus has provided power protection for Mt.Baker Co-operative for some 15 years. No power hiccups have occurred, thank you … JD, Albany Business Telephones, Albany

Eliminator Plus
The Ultimate Power Line Filter
Telephone Lightning & Noise Suppressors
- Actor, Mel Gibson had his phone system at his rural property in Australia. It had been blown-up three times in as many years, requiring complete replacement. Lightning Protection by means of Three Stage Gas & MOV Arrestors had been installed but offered no protection.
Now, over a decade later, no further damage has been suffered after installation of Telephone Lightning & Noise Suppressors - with reportedly numerous severe Lightning Storms.
- The Pro800D has been invaluable tool. I was recently contacted by a large shopping centre to overhaul their irrigation system. Apparently nothing was labelled, numerous cable faults and lost & faulty solenoids existed. The Pro800D came-into-its-own, quickly enabling the job to be completed... GG WR Irrigation
- I should have bought one years ago and saved money on using the professionals... NS Parkville
- Paid for itself in first job... SB Bayswater
- Good, easy to use unit... DT Briar Hill
Model: SS2002
Solenoid Seeker
- Works a treat. So I purchased another for my partner...
RM RM Irrigation
- Tried one out and found how easy it was to use. Now all my 4 teams have one and use it most days... TT FT Reticulation
- Latrobe University Bendigo Campus (Vic) was suffering severe Noise Problems on their PABX. This was limited to the 40 'In-Dial' Lines with the other 200 Standard Lines unaffected. The noise level on the In-Dial Lines was so high that conversation over them was impossible. Telephone Lightning & Noise Suppressors were installed on the affected lines overcoming the complaint. However, only a month later Lightning Struck taking-out all 200 Standard Line Cards, resulting in a replacement cost in excess of $100,000.
The 40 Protected Lines Suffered No Damage
Model: Pro300
Mini Wire & Valve Locator

- My guys have no complaintas… MC Penrith
- Can't believe how well works for the price…
SB Bayswater
- I bought the Pro300 simply for its ability to find lost solenoids, but I find it traces underground wiring just as well as the expensive locator I have... GF Armadale
- Woolworths specifies the Eliminator Plus for mission-critical equipment at all its supermarkets across the nation… TP Woolworths

- GEA Farm Technologies, one of the world's largest supplier of Robotic Milking Systems has relied on the Eliminator Plus for over 10 years…
AH Technical Manager

- Konica-Minolta installs the Eliminator Plus on their top-end products after it proves to solve many power issues… PT Konica-Minolta (NZ)

- Eliminator Plus won both Queensland & Tasmania State Government contracts. Rigorous surge and transient testing was performed on submissions of the Power Line Filters manufactured world-wide.

- Ultrahawke, Australia's Largest Manufacturer of Weighbridges, has been relying on the Eliminator Plus for some 20 years… SK Product Manager

- Gold Coast Water continually suffered disruption to their Water Treatment Plants whenever thunderstorms occurred. Numerous devices from around the world had been trialled with little or no affect. Eliminator Plus have now been installed for some years with no further Water Treatment Plant shutdowns... DG ABB Instrumentation
- Eliminator Plus has solved power problems on Flowmeter Instrumentation… LW Wondai Shire Council
- Eliminator Plus successful in protecting Water Treatment equipment… PV Singleton Shire Council
- Lightning took out Eliminator Plus but electronic equipment it was protecting all OK… JP Guyra Shire Council

- Probiotec were suffering damage to manufacturing equipment on a monthly basis, costing in the $10,000's on each occurrence. Various measures had been undertaken including Surge Diverters & Filters with no effect. Eliminator Plus was installed some 3 years ago with no further power problems… PS Probiotec Laverton North

- Lightning strike blows up two large UPS at Munitions Factory. Equipment protected (sic) by UPS destroyed (UPS supplier had stated prior to installation that equipment would be protected from lightning). However local electrician insisted PLC equipment be protected by Eliminator Plus - all ok. UPS repaired now with Eliminator Plus protecting them… Australian Defence Industries, Mulwala

- Lightning strikes College building totally damaging all administration computers and associated electronic equipment. Student computer rooms have Eliminator Plus installed and no damage to any protected equipment. GB, East Gippsland Institute of TAFE, Bairnsdale
- Car accident caused HV to drop on LV Power Lines. Primary School had Eliminator Plus installed - all equipment OK. High School across road without Eliminator Plus - blew-up everything … CT, CL&J Thomas Electrical, Bendigo
- Eliminator Plus has been providing lightning protection at our Far North School for over 15 years without issue … HW, Forsayth State School

Children's Research Unit solves past malfunctions due to power disturbance to their sensitive laboratory equipment with the Eliminator Plus… WB Westmead Hospital

- Hi-Lux Technical Services - Australia's leading manufacturer of LED Traffic Management Systems has been installing the Eliminator Plus for over a decade - "When Reliability Matters" is their company motto, probably says it all… CC Head of Development

- Once the Eliminator Plus is installed on our Irrigation Controls all power problems of the past are solved… AG Goldtec Control Systems
- Having used other brands of power filters and experiencing them blow-up as well as the controller, I now only recommend the Eliminator Plus… GP Complete Irrigation Solutions
- Blown-up Controllers, a thing of the past since Eliminator Plus installed… AB Royal Melbourne Golf Course

Certain operations on BHP Billiton Oil Rigs often caused power surge which caused damage to electronic equipment. Since the installation of Eliminator Plus on their Oil Rigs, no further problems encountered… MW BHP Billiton Petroleum

Eliminator Plus saved our valuable equipment after major power surge (Power Authority admitting fault) BUT others in our area were not so lucky… Corio Chemicals Geelong

-Graincorp, Australia's Largest publicly listed agricultural company, solved malfunctions and damage to computer equipment at silos across Australia with the Eliminator Plus… PD Project Co-Ordinator

Supply Transformer blew - all except what was connected to the Eliminator Plus was totally zapped… WB Ourimbah

Australian Embassy security equipment in Bangkok was experiencing power problems that necessitated service personal to fly many times from Australia. Eliminator Plus solved issues and now the Embassy in Hanoi is also protected by an Eliminator Plus… PJ Securitel Security

Club's Poker Machines and PC were requiring servicing weekly even with UPS connected. But since Eliminator Plus installed, all problems solved… SW CAS Electrical Services

High Point Shopping Centre 'LED Drivers' continually failing. Eliminator Plus installed no more problems … BB, Construction Electrical Services

'Touch Screen' of Hydonic system freezing as a result of interference from Boiler. Manufacturer spent much time unsuccessfully trying to solve including installing a new 'Touch Screen'. Eliminator Plus solved problem… MF Ferlazzo Electrical

The Belt Weigher was constantly resetting until we installed the Eliminator Plus… TH Stawell

- The extra clarity in my Hi-Fi system is very noticeable after installing the Eliminator Plus… PS Blue Mountains
- The Eliminator Plus eliminated the humming noise from the transformers on my Hi-Fi System… MC Langwarrin
- Our digital TV suffered constant interference from the switching of our Air Conditioner. After installing the Eliminator Plus - no more problems… BP Moonee Ponds Vic
- Noise problem solved in Music department with Eliminator Plus also successfully stopping PC's from blowing up … JP, Lowanna College, Newborough
- Eliminator Plus has definitely improved the sound quality of my Hi-Fi… AK Umina Beach