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Power Protection
The Eliminator Plus is the most superior power protection device of its type, world-wide. Backed by a 5 year repair/replacement warranty if damaged by lightning, surge or overload.

The Eliminator Plus is a rugged reliable device that eliminates the most prevalent and troublesome of all power disturbances. In addition, it provides protection against lightning strikes, short term voltage sags and radio frequency interference.

The Eliminator Plus is a cost-effective proven performer
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Eliminator Plus
The Ultimate Power Line Filter
Unsurpassed Power Protection
Eliminating the most prevalent of Power Disturbances

Independently University Tested to AS1768(IEEE-587B)
Phenomenal Transient / Surge Suppression

Plug-in, 1 Ø & 3 Ø , Screw Terminal & Hard-Wired
Telstra save over $1million in maintenance costs each year
Australian Made, Designed & Supported
100% Australian Owned Company

5 Year Warranty plus
One-time free repair/replacement if damaged by Lightning,
Surge or Overload

Proven to Save $$$

Models available covering all applications
Telephone Lightning & Noise Suppressors are an economical solution to induced interference.

Induced Power Line Harmonics and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) are often the cause of noise complaints associated with telecommunication systems. This interference can also cause misdialing, disconnections, false ringing and other types of malfunctions.

Even equipment damage can occur from induced voltages due to power line faults or lightning.
Telephone Lightning & Noise Suppressors
Model #: TNC-H