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The Eliminator Plus is the most superior power protection device of its type, world-wide

Backed by a 5 year repair/replacement warranty if damaged by lightning, surge or overload

Rugged and reliable eliminating the most prevalent and troublesome of all power disturbances

Provides protection against lightning strikes, short term voltage sags and radio frequency interference

Cost-effective proven performer

Unsurpassed Power Protection

Independently University Tested to

Phenomenal Transient / Surge Suppression

Plug-in, Screw Terminal, Hard-Wired, IØ and 3Ø

Telstra saved over $lmillion in maintenance costs

Australian Made, Designed & Supported by 100% Australian Owned Company

ELIMINATOR PLUS - Power Line Filter
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10 Camelot Court
Mt Eliza Vic 3930
Phone (03) 9787 2026

ABN 24 370 437 314
Power Protection